Anyone bought a crust frameset?

Checked on web and shipping (FedEx) came in at 900. Presumably they’d have other options. But before harassing the company via email I figured I’d harass all of you instead.

What are you chasing?

Word on the street is there will be stock in Australia fairly soon.

Hmm I was told $285 ($100 downunder discount) for a frameset.

Reckon most people find the romanceur a bit silly but I think it’s a pretty sensible frame

IDK, the evasion looked pretty cool.

Paging Shatteredhell

I got an evasion posted over really recently. Matt (crust ceo) was super helpful when I emailed him.
Ended up getting the Evasion shipped directly to Australia from the factory in Taiwan where they get made… came out way cheaper.
I’m pretty sure the Romanceur, Shred Eagle, and Dreamer framesets are all made in the USA, and the Evasion stock has already left Taiwan, so it might not be possible to avoid the ridiculous FedEx/UPS costs… Matt did mention that there would be stock arriving in Au stores soon…
I’d just email him and suss it out.