CU chainrings

Cycle Underground chainrings - are they good?

Yep. Just ask Andy.

yep. pm abodigital. hes got some going cheap, like the budgie.

I got 3 CU chainrings that I use on the street and velodrome and overall they’re great.
They don’t have the polish and finish of say, a Sugino Zen chainring, but on the other hand they are completely over-engineered and therefore bomb-proof. 4mm plate aluminium could be considered overkill :roll:

The fact that you can get them completely customised is also a big plus. For instance, I needed a 135BCD 48T 3/32 chainring for some Campag cranks I had- where would find one like that without CU? :wink:

I advocate the use of CU chainrings. They are brilliant.

I now run/rock them on the velodrome and the street.

I polished them up myself, it was painful but well worth it. I also quite like the standard finish to be honest.