Cult OS V3

Someone mentioned I don’t have a link to a bmx bike check in my signature, so I figured it’d be a good excuse to sort one out.

Frame: 21.25inch Cult OS V3
Fork: Skavenger Flat Iron
Bars: Colony 24/7
Stem: S&M Challenger
Cranks: WeThePeople Royal V2
Bottom Bracket: Backbone
Chainring: Federal Street
Pedals: Odyssey Twisted PC
Chain: Odyssey Bluebird
Headset: Eclat Dual
Front wheel: Colony Contour with Cult Match hub guards
Rear wheel: Odyssey Hazard Lite rim laced to Federal Reverse V2 freecoaster with a S&M Cymbal hubguard
Grips: Odyssey Chase Hawk
Pegs: Division Brand Sync. Two front, one rear
Seat: Federal Fat pivotal
Seatpost: Divison Stump
Tyres: Demolition Momentum 2.2inch
Extras: No spacer in bottom bracket, cut rear axle down on drive side, ground down the grind side dropout so it sits flush with the peg and hub guard, cut flanges off grips, running Cult hub guards on a Colony hub which I’ve never ever seen previous and ground out dropouts so my wheel is slammed as much as it can be. I run gum grips because they last longer and feel better than the black version of the same grip (for anyone wondering).

I really like this, it’s tempting me to buy a bmx! It’s been so long since I have rode one though.

doo it! I just bought one, no where near as nice as this though!

Hows the HighTech Burrito flow team?

They hook you up good?

ntbd… challenger stems are legit

was the Deuce Deuce too long?

I am well looked after at HTB, thank you for asking!

I’ve had two different frames between this and the Deuce!
A WTP Warriors and a 22inch Solid King Cobra.
The Deuce had a 14.25inch rear end, which I grinded down to 14inches and it was too long still.
I rode a 21.3inch Warriors for a year or so and then figured I would try a longer frame with a shorter rear end, so bought the Solid.
In the end, despite being more comfortable, the manual point was really low and it bunnyhopped funny because of the strange dimensions.
So in the end, I’m back riding a 21.25inch top tube and 13.55inch rear end.

The end of an epic story.

sweet, glad you were able to find something ideal.

Yeah I saw your WTP, King Cobra’s (and anything from Solid) are rad, I don’t think I ever saw that one though :frowning:

Soooo… who is game enough to start the BMX thread? I’m looking at you, Gene.

I don’t think I even took a photo of it, I really didn’t have it all that long.

If anyone wants to buy a frame with a 22inch, I’ve got two that I will let go cheap!

Cheeky Instagram photo.

Now with a Fit S3 Real Tree camo stem.

Quick updated photo.

Does riding southpaw mess with your head? Never done it myself, but kinda get the impression it’d feel whack.

It felt strange at first, but now it is just second nature. When I’m riding my big bikes I still look down at the chain on the right when riding along, I don’t think I’ve ever looked to the left and wondered where my chain was, or vice versa.

I want a bmx.

I wondered this before I changed to LSD, but made no different.

Sweet ride mate, inspired me to dust mine off when i get back home. Riding street/park is the best gym you can get! Talk about a forearm workout.

New wheels today.
Colony Contour rims laced to BSD Front Street and Colony Freecoaster.
I’ve also got crack in my frame around the headtube weld, so I’ll replace this frame in the next couple weeks.

woo freecoaster! Enjoy and tell me how the colony one rolls. Maintaining a loose ball coaster (nankai) is difficult but sealed units are supposed to be a breeze (relatively). I’m actually looking to switch to a cassette after riding a coaster for my whole bmx career.

You don’t have a cassette wheel (14mm), slim pivotal seat or a stem with more than 40mm reach by chance do you?

I haven’t had a cassette wheel since late 2006, I’ve had freecoasters since then.
I may have a slim pivotal seat at home, I’ll check when I get back there tonight.