Cup day ride 2015!?!????!?!!??!

If you really want to get dressed up in a cheap suit, faux snakeskin shoes, fascinator, or whatever it is that one wears to the races these days, get drunk, loose you shirt (litterally or figuratively), then pass out in a rosebush covered in your own vomit, i totally understand.
If not there is CUP DAY RIDE 2015TM Tuesday Nov 3

also I need to motivate myself to finish off my derp-tacular surly cross check and a ride with a nice long train ride out to the start should be just the thing.

all types of bikes welcome from #SOTB to #summerofgravel (that includes both sealed and unsealed tourers)

last time we warby trail’d it out and aquaducted it back with a SW8 fixeh, roadie, SSCX and tourers (AFIR)

details, flyers, etc., shamelessly palgaraised from previous editions:

New here? you should come, here’s why 2009201120122013 2014

Super cool foa regular with 1000+ posts? come too, rolly wants instagram pics

Apparently the trains hold many lols sooooo
Departing FLINDERS STREET station - Lilydale line - 9.07am
Arriving LILYDALE station - 10.15am
^I stole this from che who stole this from rollys old thread, still correct. oh yeaaaah

love ya work.

You fit/recovered/whatever else you might need to be for this rolly?

Good stuff.

Great day, get on it.

Would be there if I could.

like everything it seems, my attendance will be dependent on work, but if I’m off I’ll be there.

you might see a Chihuahua riding a dinkey

i say this every year, and I haven’t been for quite a few years, but it’s a fantastic day out.

I reckon I’ll be there! yeah yeah woo yeah

yeeeeees. so in.


Once again, I cannot attend. Ta but eh!

Was fun last year. Fingers crossed ill be there again this year!


Will try to get along with my better half. Hope to see you there. Might dodge the hike-a-bike section this year though!

Google maps indicates that surry street and kent street get you to the aquaduct with no hike-a-bike:,145.6771009,15z/data=!5m1!1e4
streetview seems to show a gate connecting to the aquaduct trail
it’s still steep but the payoff is 1% down gradiant all the way to the end of the aquaduct trail

Yep. I’ve ridden up from launching place then dropped back into Warburton (opposite direction on AD trail to last year). Depends whether people want coffee early or later in the ride. All good options.

So who’s in for tomorrow?

Also wondering what the pace will be like, thinking about bringing along a friend who has done some touring but nothing too speedy.

EDIT: unfortunately I’ve downsized to a smaller AM ride. Have fun yo

I’m working sadly.

pace can be easily adjusted to suit. or organise waiting points. can’t get lost, so even if they just tap it out with you, it’s all good.

I only have the morning so have keep the ride short and local, sorry. Have a good ride all

I’m in.
I haven’t ridden much other than commuting recently so I’ll probably be more than happy with a relaxed pace

Hopefully I can get on at Box Hill. Last carriage? So what time does the 9:07 get into Box Hill? Is that the 9:42? Is it a Sunday timetable? Starting to sound like a trainspotting nerd.