Cup Day Ride - Tuesday November 5th DEFINITELY!!

Carrying on a fine FOA tradition, November 5th will see another Cup Day Ride along the Warby Trail from Lilydale to Warburton and back…


I’ve looked into the train timetable for the 5th and it appears EVERYTHING IS BACK TO NORMAL.


This is going to happen as it’s always a rad day out on the bike, especially now that i know the O’Shannassy Aqeuduct Trail is so close and a good alternative for those with fat tyres. So I’ll be looking into options for people to get there, but if anyone is undecided about coming, best get ya shit together coz this is a good time for all.


oh, and if you’re new here (or wanna relive last years) and don’t know what this is about, there’s POST RIDE BANTER HERE and a COUPLE OF SWEET INSTAGRAM PICS HERE

Yay! I’m finally going to make one of these!

Surely trains would be running. That’s so damn weird.
O’Shannassy Aqueduct is rad tho.

yeah i’m assuming all will be well, i just don’t wanna promote/plan it all if it’s to no avail.

but, yeah, i’d be amazed if the lilydalians had to get a 3hr bus into town on cup day.

what about bikes? Most of us have one.

you can ride out there if you like, i shan’t be partaking in that though.

I did last year mike, will be again feel free to join me. Mind you the trip home on the train was a godsend due to the rain.

yeah, I was partly taking the piss.

My mate did the O’Shannasey on a carbon road bike w/ 23mm tires, so it’s not that bad regardless of what you ride. Naturally being an aquaduct it’s constantly downhill from Warburton. With that being said, I ride it on 32-34mm CX tires, there isn’t much to slow down for with that setup. I’d also start and/or finish it as Don Rd, the rest past Don Rd isn’t very rad at all.

spose you could do it on a carbon roadie with 23’s, but only if you had no choice. fuck that!

Train issues will most likely be due to the Mitcham Rd underpass construction at next to Mitcham Station which is currently underway.

If that is the case, there are usually buses Boxhill to Ringwood, that’s probably about a 30 min ride, and then you’ll have to wait for a train afterwards.

Hopefully this isn’t the case for the long weekend and it doesn’t throw a spanner in the works.

ah ok, cheers Sime, I’ll try to remember that when I speak to PTV again.

fingers crossed.

I will make sure to have solid rubber tubes this year.

nah, fuck that, I don’t wanna pay for my own train beers!!

ok, spoke to PTV again today, they have said that due to it being a public holiday, the timetable won’t be released until the 28/29th of october. that seems pretty shit to be honest, but that’s PTV for you.

the guy today seemed to think there wouldn’t be any issues, but couldn’t confirm that for me.

so i guess i’m passing on much the same info.

frustrating, but there ya go, don’t lose hope yet!


also, if we can’t do it on cup day, i reckon we just do it on some random sunday instead…

^^ Bet you wish you paid your fare back from Seymour now, huh?

if the weather is good i’m just going to ride there and back.

The train ride is half the fun! Let’s hope it all goes to plan.

If it all goes to plan I reckon the beers should start in Warby this year, would make the ride back to Lilydale pretty fun/loose.

Just realised it’s on a Tuesday which means I’ll be able to make it. I’m braving it with risers and gears on 23mm death traps, the other half of the fun.