Curved seat tube

Anyone seen this yet or have any info on it?

TRACK frame Very unusual semi vintage steel | eBay

Looks to be a nice frame

That is nice. Someone buy it.

Someone big buy it!

In before it’s a mcbain.

If only I was taller =(

What would the effective tt be on this? somewhere around 56/57?

i wish i had a rabbit in a hat with a bat and a six four impala

good seller, got my mcbain from him

that went cheap? $200 including postage!

yea, i bought it with a drunken bid after a long day at a wedding. no idea what i’m gonna do with it.

hahah, love it. Is it to big?

na i’m tall, so should be fine. i just didn’t really need another bike.

too cheap, yer laffin

i see what you did there…

anyone get this?

read the first page.

I’ll take it off your hands!

if its too big ill happinly trade for something smaller

I’ll wait till it’s in my hands to decide what to do with it.

Edit: most likely keep it and just sell another bike

Wicked geo!!

uh, was this some kid’s metal shop project?
that BB cluster looks highly questionable