Custom chainrings from Fyxo

Hope this is the right place–and hasn’t been covered elsewhere…

Has anyone ordered one of these CycleUnderground CNCed chainrings off Fyxo?

Custom Chainrings / Cycle Underground

I ordered mine about 6 weeks ago, though I know they only send the batch of orders to Cycle Underground on the 1st of each month so it’s only really been 3.5 weeks, but still wondering how long I should expect to wait for it arrive…


Just used google to search the forum rather than the inbuilt search and now realise my opening question “has anyone ordered one of these…” was a bit daft!

Couldn’t see any threads on delivery time though. And any idea why they ditched the 3mm option–or is this just if you order via Fyxo?

As I understand FYXO pretty much owns CU now, if you want answers it could be better to email him possibly.

Can anyone confirm or deny this rumour?

If your ordered them off Andy, best you email Andy.

that would be strange given CU is a machining workshop in sydney and Fyxo is down here. also CU used to do a lot more than make rings, so he’d be buying a lot of additional expensive and heavy machines.

its more likely that andy is handling all the sales/distribution for them as it was something they werent that set up for.