Custom Clamont Professional

My Clamont Professional, built for me, by Geoff Scott.

Wanted a custom frame for ages, met and saw Geoff’s work at the Dulwich Hill Classic Bike Show earlier this year and I was sold. Plus I have a Gefsco funny bike.

Frame is Fillet Brazed Columbus Zona Extra Over-Size with Stainless Tips. 55x57cm as per my numbers. Lug cuts/panto’s deluxe.

Part list:

Headset: Cane Creek
Wheelset: Zipp 202 Firecrest / Vittoria Corsa Evo
Bars / Stem: Zipp Service Course SL / Zipp Service Course SL / Morten Tilquist Garmin mount
Seatpost / Saddle: Thomson Elite / Fizik Arione
Shifters: Sram Force 22
Brakes: Sram Force 22
Front / Rear Derailleurs: Sram Force 22
Cranks / BB: Sram Force 22 / Sram GXP
Cables: Alligator iLinks
Pedals: Look Keo Max 2 Carbon

Thanks to young Lorday for the expert pics. Full set on the #lordayplease photostream here

Bike rides like a dream. Is bang on 8kg with steel fork, but hope to shave a few grams when I chop the rest of the steerer and eventually drop / swap the -17 stem for a -10. I also have an Enve carbon fork to put on if I ever get bored.

Lot’s of pics. soz.

No need to apologise for the pics. Moar plz!

awesome bike/pics/dudes

gonna have to give those iLinks a go sometime

Oh man, 11/10.

Yeah so bloody nice well done.
I must say if love you to give the enve a go I bet it blows you’re mind and would look shit hot.

What a beautiful machine - love the bike, and the pics.

Lorday - Can you plz take some pics of my kumo?

Very nice, finished just right.
Had this in the sun yet?

Thanks fellas!

Yes I have Ben, all sorted :slight_smile: plus I’ve marked it now so it’s all downhill from here ha ha!

Yep, fucking awesome bike.

How are the I links? I tried the Aican ones and they were terrible, lesson learnt don’t weight weenie cables.

Beautiful - some nice attention to detail there. Enjoy the rides.

I love it so much.

Oh yeah, yay for for SRAM/Zipp combo. Yourself Rhys and I can be #srippbros

Next level…this is so nicely done.

Also backing sram/zipp combo. The 202’s on that look excellent!

Bangeur. Fork sets it off nicely.

wipes chin

Took 4 hours to cable the bike… so first impressions were not great. I’m sure i could do it from scratch in about 2 hours now, and if i were just replacing the liners/inners, about 20 minutes.

Once i wrapped my head around the concept and got them dialled they are great. I am having better results with shifting than braking at the moment. It was easier to get the mini-ilinks into compression than the brakes ones. I would say the shifting is marginally better than the Yokozuna cables i was using before, and much better than stock.

I noticed yesterday a slight looseness in the outer for the rear brake so i’ll work on that to get it compressed again completly for the best braking feel.

I would get them again. I wouldn’t say they are a massive improvement over other ‘performance’ cable systems, but they look ace - and that’s the most important thing right?

Thanks all for the kind words guys. One more money shot

Looks fantastic Henri. Look forward to getting up soon for a ride with you on that beast.

Knowing Geoff’s a fan I’ll post this ace tune !


Beautiful stuff Henri, and great pics #lordayplease. This is a cracker!!!

Alligators are awesome.