Custom Jersey Manufacturers

The office at I work at is doing the Gong ride this year, and want some custom jerseys made.

I did a search and only really found Champ-Sys - Does anyone else know any AU based, not too expensive (i don’t plan to use this jersey very much after this…) places that offer decent jerseys at a decent price?

Need to be able to do small orders and a mix of mens/womens kits. Our office is 8 people.


Similar question was posted on BNA:

Got some kit through a training squad that used these guys:

With 3 levels to choose from we feel there is something for everyone from weekend warriors to seasoned professionals and those that wish they were.

Oh and did we mention no minimums

Thanks fellas, will have a look at these.

If you want merino Eleven Velo do good quality ones, I think the minimum order is 25

Cuore stuff has been good in my experience too. My club kit and much loved cicli spirito are both done by them

Champ-sys are pretty hard to beat for value given the price point for 10 items can be reached with any combination of garments. Others have variable pricing per item based on number of that item. So eg your mens shorts & jersey might hit one price point but vests are dearer if only a few get them.

Cuore stuff is the biz, but you should know that attaquer and Arenberg also do custom kit. Champsys usually over promise and under-deliver.

IME champsys might be the cheapest but the quality both in service and kit is lacking. expect to check the proofs and received kit closely.

One of the main guys from ChampSys locally (Andy) left and started Seight, I havent worn any of the stuff but have friends who are and it looks good and they arent complaining. Andy is a good guy too.

I have heard that Cuore while good gear has a pretty long lead time…

Nemesis is polarising in terms of fit (some people like it, but some don’t) but my experience is that its pretty solid gear.

There’s also a guy in ADL (not fiasco) who is suing the same supplier but doing small orders (as small as one piece). Dunno more about that… maybe someone down there knows?

Of course ThePedla also do custom kit (#DDCXsponsorpplug). And its excellent.

Not sure about minimums for the above.

I’ve had a few done over the years - the standouts were Seight and Champ-sys of the suppliers I used.

The race cut Champ-sys stuff is good enough for the price. It’s a shame they have to put their logo on the garment as it is ugly.