Custom Kits

Does anyone know of a company that will do 1 custom cycling kit?

All the ones I have looked at so far want a minimum of 10 ie Rugged Bloke.

I know it will be expensive.

Mupi cycling will I’m pretty sure.

Amate gets his done through champion systems, They may be able to help.

I’ve heard good things about Champion Systems.

champion system used to have a service called ‘cs one’ which was for one kit (minimum 5 pcs still but thats a cpl pairs of knicks, short & long sleeve jersey & a jacket)

^^ Champsys are minimum 10 of something

Nope. ChampSys do singles as Alex suggests.

Yeah i thought they did my mate is friends with the owners i hear all good things about them.

The champ sys website says 10 - I will have to send them an email.

Post up here and let us know.

When I approached them recently for a small run, they wanted minimum 10 or no dice.

Their kit is good. Good selection of chamois and fabrics, well made and durable. Just got some new custom stuff from Nemesis that also looks & feels pretty good…I know they do small runs but dunno about one-offs.

Capo ‘Custom’ do 1 offs, and they’re a good bit of kit.

I have just organised a run from Champ-Sys, they asked for a minimum of 10 “main” items but will split between shorts and tops eg 5 bibs and 5 tops. Over the base 10 you can then get singles of anything else you like.

found them good to deal with

On nemeseis - I got one of andy white’s Fyxo jerseys a while back it is definatley my favorite cut. I was iffy about the big zip at first but its the shiznit

I know a company that does one offs. Give me 10 minutes and I will have the name for you… My company has used them a few times for various clients.

I have tried a lot of custom kits - 2XU , Champ Sys and Nemesis. All are great to deal with, but I prefer the Nemesis stuff over the others.

EDIT: Okay, I am having trouble finding the email at work from home. I will get it tomorrow for you.

The GEAR kit is nemesis and i love it.

As per our HK order last year this was correct. i believe ‘piece’ can also include wind vests too.

I also like Nemesis kits.

Okay, for one offs. We have used a company called CCN Sports. BUT I have just been told this morning that they have changed their name to something else.

Vie 13
Vie 13 Kustom Apparel | Facebook
Custom athletic apparel by Vie13.

You can call Gary on 61 412590771

Tempted to do a Track Sabbath kit.

The most recent Champ-Systems have very long sleeves and don’t suit me because my guns are my only good asset these days.