Custom MAX Merckx Track - big one!

think ive seen something similar before, surprised to see one in perth

Custom Eddy Merckx Track Bike (Fixed Gear) 61.5cm | Bicycles | Gumtree Australia Bayswater Area - Maylands

Urs Freuler extensions.

** shit, read it wrong.**

54cm C-C seat tube and 56cm C-C top tube.

No Merckx stamps at all on the bike to confirm what he is saying.

^ yeh, all you’re buying is a custom max frame. Id be curious to know what he gets for it in this market.

first thing i’d do is cut that stupid head tube extension off…

Kill it with fire

i like it hahahaha

I might be alone, but I think I’d pay more for a custom max frame by a lone builder than a merckx anything… arent most merckx frames the work of many hands? Even though theyre all still hands, it half-kills the “handmade” aspect for me.
That said, I’d like to know hwo the lone builder was.

edit: hang on, that thing got two seat post binders! later mod? maybe the headtube extension, too.

if i knew who the builder was, his rep etc then yes id agree with you.