Custom Reynolds Speedstream frame opportunity

bigk, our of curiosity, is there enough length in the tubes to build an ISP frame?

i stumbled across this badass

Fark if you can, do it. One of the hottest custom frames ever

How tall are you? Wouldn’t really recommend it. Ps this tubeset takes a round seatpost, ST is aero shaped, then is swaged to round at the top

Take it from someone who has an ISP. They suck!

Few of my findings of living with a ISP:-

• Light
• Looks cool

• Very little if any adjustment.
• A mate can’t take your bike for a ride.
• As you ride more the way your bike is set up changes.
• Your body changes over time and will therefore require slight adjustments.
• If you change your shoes the seat post will need to change.

I assume that If you get this frame it is a life time bike? imagine the aggressive geometry when you are 20kgs heaver and 30 years older.

Not trying to be a smart arse just telling you my experiences with ISP’s. Speaking of which I need to cut 5 mm of mine tonight because I changed my shoes:(

I should say, I don’t like em either

only 174 so wouldnt need a huge amount, but the aero seat topper would be interesting to make…maybe room for some more custom bits keith!

Huge, very valid points. Im running an ISP on my chrek with no issues yet, but then i havnt been riding that long.

As for getting older and agressiveness, im thinking risers, porteur bars then big ass north bars will then be used =D

You put this under the wrong heading.

maybe it’s me and i need to see one in the flesh, but this doesn’t really do much for me.

there, i said it.


clearly being mod means your inflammable.

Man. When I was a 12 year old my dad built me a track frame out of this stuff. I guess he was a bit over-enthusiastic, because I grew out of it a few years later, and it was handed down to my sister.

I wasn’t fazed at all - I just wanted a BMX like my schoolmates had. Can’t believe what an unnapreciative little brat I was. Had no idea what I had in front of me.

I’ll take a photo of it next time I go back to my parents place.

yeah weird, kinda forgot i’d even said due to non replies.

Take it home with you and keep it for your kids.

Still available Keith

sure is