Custom Reynolds Speedstream frame opportunity

I have snagged a rare as fuck set of reynolds speedstream tubing, and YOU want it to be built into a custom frame to call your own.

This tubing was bought out to be built into aero track, pursuit and time trial frames.
Speedstream is designed to be built lugless, so this will be a smooooth fillet brazed build.

Get in contact with me if you are keen for a totally unique frame built out of this stuff

ive been dreaming of a fillet brazed raw roadie since JKLP perkins…raw fillet brazed + aero tubes would be out of this world.

caaahmon tax return ( i already i know i wont have enough but a guy can dream right?)

Jase if you sold the bmc and the chinese frame kept the record group it could be doable.
Plus paint would be less so theres a saving. just clear powdercoat it.
Doo it.
And get a nice carbon fork

Please no roadie with these tubes :frowning:

Can you make me a bike rack out of this?

Must. Not. Be. Tempted.

oh yeah. fist in mouth shit.

i have no imagination so needed to google what a speedstream roadie could actually look like, feel free to delete bigK if this hinders your thread

Do it Jase!

Oh my that’s nice…

Yeah, I’m picturing a rad as fuck Lo-Pro in my mind… But my bank balance isn’t :frowning:

If finances are holding someone back, we can work out a payment plan. Get in contact with me

Plus there’s a wait of a few months? So this is more saving time.
I would Keith but my next frame will be cx and I have a little convincing to do before then.

Were talking a well over 2k budget on this Keith,arent we?

For a track frame $2000
Road $2200
Fork $350

Bear in mind I’m charging very little extra to build with this awesome tubeset

Hey Jase, what are kids going for these days? :wink:

Or a Kidney perhaps?

Those cranks rule


Stupid wedding savings plan!