Custom road wheelset for a grand?

So. Ugly.

That’s personal. If it had a dynamo hub you’d be lovin it!

But Eurus, Zonda and Shamal are all universally lauded as one of the best all round factory wheelsets. All have proper cup and cone bearings. I had a set of Zondas a few years ago and loved them

I also had some Campy wheels and they were good. They roll nicely and feel fast. But, they are extremely disposable. The bearings were in bad shape after two winters. Add on proprietary spokes that are exxy to replace (if readily available), and rim widths that are not prone to wider tires and do not give you much liberty to play with tire pressure. I also find that spoke numbers are too low, I don’t find it attractive to ride on shitty country roads let alone gravel on 16/18 spokes at the front. If you ride mostly in dry conditions and on good roads then sure these sorts of wheels are good.

So yeah, for me custom wheels make a lot of sense, because you can get a WS that reflects your practice/use and is dependable.


the wheels are going on his swoit clamont which i doubt has clearance for anything more than a 25 and will likely never see a fender. the bearings on campag hubs go to shit in the freehub, because they only seal one side. easily fixed by $3 bearings from china ebay. the spokes are somewhat exxy though. they don’t explode very often though.

Asher is right, clearance for 25’s only on the Clamont, absolute max. I think the new Vittoria Graphene “25’s” might be too big lol

Those Eurus are a bloody bargain, and I can live with the shortfalls of campy wheels.

These wheels will need to serve me 2-3 years, approx. 15,000km’s before next upgrade (I should have started with that)

Last set of campy wheels I had I only put about 3000km on and they were perfect when I sold them. Big difference between 3 and 15 though.