Custom road wheelset for a grand?

Shopping around for wheels for my Clamont as I update it this year.

Have got $1k to spend. Budget is firm as I only budgeted a groupset this year, but have stretched to do both.

Have got a price on Belgiums to DT350’s with CX-Rays. Is over budget of course, so hunting around.

I can build myself, have all the gear, but not fussed.

What are the options for $1k? Am I dreaming? Should I just buy Shamal Ultra’s on sale for $999 and spend the $1 in the vending machine at work?

Why not Belgium/350s and non-bladed spokes? Weight difference is negligible, cost would come down by a couple hunge maybe.

This is relevant to my interests, would also like to hear opinions on custom wheels vs wheels around the $1k range

C24s, Fulcrum 1s/0s, Shamal Ultras etc (love my F1s, i think similar to Ultras but without carbon hubs)

Consider test riding a custom build to see/feel the difference? (borrow a set from skunkworks?)

Ive never ridden custom wheels so dont know what im missing out on obviously

I can do a custom set with White industries T11 hubs, hplusson tb14 rims, DT swiss spokes for $999 FoA members only

Also relevant to my interests, I’m hunting for a tubeless WS for the CX (rim brakes) but I’m not finding much that excites me in the ready made area, and my budget is a bit higher. Might have to go see my fave wheelbuilder (^^ wink wink).

I’d have thought that if you were going to build yourself you’d get within your budget? Unfortunately I can’t build wheels, maybe one day. Just did this in 10 min from, just to get a bit of an idea. Within your budget but I haven’t factored in shipping, nipples and rim tape. Also not sure if that combination is a good one.

DT 350 rear 32h USD 195
DT 350 front 32h USD 65
Belgium x2 USD 300
DT Comp x64 USD 64

Total USD 624 -> AUD 851

Also I can use Archetypes or Belgiums but it will be a little more $

Wheel deal sounds pretty (really) good Keith.

I however am not keen on H+ rims. Already had 3 sets, looking to try something else.

My last wheels were Zipp 202’s then Dura-Ace C24’s. The zipps were far superior but carbon is a hassle.

Spent an hour on wheel builder at lunch… Looks like I either need to compromise on hubs or rims…

Or just use DT Swiss R460 rim- new release. Its similar width to hplusson/HED and significantly cheaper

I’ve got both h+ and belgiums - I much prefer the Belgiums. They fly compared to my h+, same spoke count, tire width and both have quality hubs. My belgiums are a bit lighter, but other than that I don’t really know why this is the case.

Belgiums would be about another $100 or so

The above price is pretty much just parts with no labor cost, I’m doing that for nothing.

Theres a nice set of brand new Tune hubs to Belgiums on one of the bicycle markets on FB for $1300… worth an offer of 1K

These look alright!

DT460 rims, DT 350 hubs with ratchet upgrade, Sapim laser spokes - 525 US, pretty competitive. Is Campy neutron territory though… upgrading to either WI, or DT350’s puts the price much closer to the $1k AUD budget. Wheels sitting around the 1500 gram mark.

i have the 460s, nice enough, nothing amazing, but handbuilt wheels aren’t amazing. good. practical. servicable. not amazing(i’m talking high spoke count to alloy rims here.

what was wrong with the c24s?

if i’m guessing right, you’re putting campag on the clamont, which opens up the campy wheel range which means you should buy a set of euruss from bikebug for $699. same wheel as a shamal, different bearings that make no difference, and well within your budget. do it.

if i had even a slight need for wheels id be getting some.

Can vouch for the eurus wheels. Super nice to ride

If you can tell the ride difference between Belgium and h plus give up bikes and become a holistic soul healer,
Go h plus archetype because they are stiffer and build nice.
Go any hub like WI or shimano or dt
Go bladed spokes
It makes it far easier to true in the future and they build better,
Don’t Sacrafice $100-$200 if you going custom do it once do it right,

Other option is shamal/racing zero or dura ace 24 both are great.


Belgium = tubeless. H+son not so much.

Not that it matters to you ey Dayne.

I need a new job so that sounds good :smiley:


Cmon he didn’t say he wanted a dyno hub, let’s stick to tubes

Start by buying a time slot on a community TV channel around 1:30-3:30 am :slight_smile:

Also Eurus are great it was my go to wheel upgrade for most bikes I sold