Custom Speedwell Fixie

Built this up over about 4 months.
Frame- Speedwell sports ( I think)
Wheels- Velocity Deep V’s, machined front.
Most other things are from the previous bike just cleaned them up a bit.
At the moment im running 48 x 16, but most probably gonna change soon, to about 48 x 19. or something that gives me around 70 gear inches. :slight_smile:

I am sure that you will change it to 19T cog :slight_smile:

I don’t like it.

Sweet old frame and cranks - but I hate the rest.

Look here for inspiration - Bishops

Are those cranks straight? You don’t want those folding on you if you’re going to be skidding!

Saddle looks like it’s off a kids bike lol.
Needs a brooke saddle and different pedals imo :smiley:

49 - 19 will give u 68 GI

u need an 17 or 18t cog

Saddle looks like it’s off a kids bike lol.

Yeah it is haha, i had the original off the bike which looked sick but it broke.

some box rims would make this a HEAP nicer, same with some shallow drops, a brooks, and some different pedals.
Put all these parts on a visp, they’d match it a little better.