Custom Stickers??

Evening all,

Wondering if anyone can give some advice re getting some custom stickers done up. I’m looking at getting 2 stickers done for custom decals on a downtube and 1 for a headtube. Preferably someone in Brisbane I can deal with directly. Birthday surprise for my father (will post the finished product when done)

I can get my own artwork together, but if the sticker producer can do it for a reasonable price that will suit too.

Thanks in advance

Yellow Pages “Sign Writers”

Most of them do nice vinyl stickers.

You could try asking Cyclomondo; he’s in Coffs Harbour.

I plan to use Expert Signs in Sydney
to get mine done. They provided good advice on another cycling forum.
He advised that he uses “thermal screen process, printing one colour at a time using foils… printed onto signage vinyl then contour cut out”
Cyclomondo seems to have a long waiting list when I checked.
Hope that helps

If you just want simple letters, without multiple colours in the same shape, any signwriter can do these.

If you use a local guy, you can go pick them up in person, and you can sight for quality issues before you have to pay.

A screenprinter I used to work for had a machine that did that. looks pretty good, and it’s pretty hardwearing (I made a Ricaine sticker that lasted being in two bands on the back of my bass). Only problem is I don’t think it’s on clear stock like Cyclomondo’s.


Riacine are possibly one of my favourite Australian bands (Bachelor Of Arts and True Radical Miracle are also up there).

you could try some water slide paper, so you don’t get those raised edges you get with vinyl. i haven’t used it but i was looking at getting some, it looks pretty easy, here is a how to, just replace candle with bike, and put a clear coat on top, and it’ll look like the real deal.

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