Custom Vinyl Work

whatup yaaaaall, just posting to see how many of you guys would be interested in custom vinyl work for your bikes. the idea came across my mind as i just bought my first fixie, and am about to cover it with some custom vinyl work, i thought ‘this is something this fixie community might appreciate’. I work at a 2 person design studio, and we do signwriting custom vinyl, car & bike vinyl etc etc. the Vinyl we use is completely weatherproof & fadeproof, and if you chose to change your bike style, you can just pull them straight off. basically, its a high grade sticker you can design, and we run it through a vinyl cutter so its .1mm accurate. Anyway, im basically finding out how much interest there is before i commit completely. if there is enough interest ill set up and email to take orders, you can send your own designs, and ill streamline everything so its nice and efficient. i can roll vinyls aswell, so postage overheads are going to be tiny, so its all going to be fairly cheap, no matter what state your in. anyway, thought i would offer it, ive seen some custom paint job stuff, but havent seen anyone with vinyl work. thanks guys.

id be keen for a big ass sticker for the back window of my van, something bike/fixed related and slightly offensive/subtle :stuck_out_tongue:

that too. it doesnt have to stay bike related. and like i mentioned, you can design it all however you like. gives a lil more variety ratehr than having ‘crazy bitch’ on your back windscreen. haha.

well, there goes my idea.

You’ll always be my crazy bitch :wink:



My rainbow gay bike wants “Dolphin Rape” on the TT

can you make this happen?


Might be a little keen, what sort of turn-around would we expect, and prices per cm?

Can you do reflectives?

Thinkin’ I might like somethin’ for the back of this bad boy:


Put it away Gramps.

What you gonna get then?? “My other bike is a push scooter”

per cm will be hard. ill quote anyone interested. mainly because we can do base colour, fluro, reflective, metallic, ice, textured etc, the price will change. but mainly, this isnt about money making, i just have the facilities to do this, and i thought it would be nice to offer a new avenue to personalise your bikes. small vinyls we can post in a simple letter, which is cheap to post.

Can you do reflectives?

Thinkin’ I might like somethin’ for the back of this bad boy:


we do reflective sure. similar to 3M, buuut i dont think it will contact well with your jacket…


My rainbow APPLES bike wants “Dolphin Rape” on the TT

can you make this happen?

sure. i think at this point i might go ahead with it, seems theres some interest. if i do ill post back. *** just a heads up aswell. provides loads of text ideas for bikes. enjoi :slight_smile:

“five years til recumbent”?

This sounds like a great idea. I might be in for something…

this i what im doing to my bike tomorrow. stripped it all. no logos or stickers anywhere, removed all branding. then simply this on the top bar. will post results tomorrow for all interested.

awesome, ill have to throw something together and get back to you.

definately interested

MMM, interested here too.

Yeahhhhhh i’ve been trying to get my house mate to print me up a sticker for my TT. So very interested, are you in melbz?

P.S no offence but try hitting

once in a while, block paragraphing hurrrrttss.

spilt V8 on my macbook a week ago. enter doesnt work, nor does delete, or the letter p, which i have to control V from other posts. pretty frustrating. no in tamworth right now. awesome guys, i might get this jumping off. start planning your ideas :slight_smile: