Cutting off the nose to save the penis

penile vibrotactile sensitivity threshold assessed by computerized biothesiometery

Elmo: Oh boy, that AARGH

“With few exceptions, bicycle police officers were able to effectively use no-nose saddles in their police work.”

They couldn’t use their saddles during interviews anymore?

Edit: I wondered what biothesiometry involved, g__gled it, and found the pdf of the study. Favourite part: “16 officers withdrew from study or did not return for assessment (saddle status unknown).” They either enjoyed their new saddles too much (pages 17 and 18, I’m looking at you) or the testing got to them. Bzzt bzzt.

new sig: “I want a job where I can electrocute cops in the dick, for science.”

where can I get a “computerized penile vibrotactile sensitivity threshold computerized biothesiometer”?

or a manual one if the computerized version is too pricey?

is that something I have to order under plain brown cover from Canberra?

further reading / info fyi

Lose my dick or use that saddle…honestly I’m not sure which