Cutting track bars

I’ve now had a couple of sets of track drops go through my hands that have had the ends of the drops trimmed off. Is this a common thing to do? And if so why is it done?

Sweet hornzzzzzzzzzzzz

Are you talking about just a little chopped off I know old roadies use to cut them to stop there legs knocking them in sprints.

Sorry when I say the ends I mean like an inch, not chop and flops.

Because you spend all your time in the drops on the track- sometimes if you are a bit too far forward- or the front end is a littel short (common among sprinters) than you can hit your knees on the drops.
I have never managed to di ti- but for some it is all a little too close- nowadays we ride a far higher more road position on the track, and modern track bars are also made with short bottoms after the drop- would tak and post some images if i could be arsed.
Come to chandler on tuesday night and I will show you what i mean- let me know so i remember to bring a set of cinelli 67 to compare against my deda pista
I would not cut anything down if i were you- just maybe get a modern pair if you have an issue