Cx / buffoon hill needs you


this sunday at jim finnimore park, ipswich, cx state titles, watch us b grade heroes battle it out then sledge the a grade hard men who think it’s some cort of criterium race!

heaps fun ay.

i’ll need a lift #cozboozer

I’ll be bringing a keg of lager to the hill, I don’t know if I have room for you scott #causedadlyf but if you can’t get a lift with anyone else I can probably fit you in.

Let me know if you get stuck. I don’t go near your place to get there but can if needed. We’ll have to stack them in the wagon but can put a blanket / tarp between.


Scotty what time are festivities kicking off and is anyone else driving out?

Racing starts at noon.

Well…that was fun. Buffoon hill lived up to it’s name, as the back marker in A-Grade I was ‘lifted’ every lap by the errr, encouragement and tactical advice…and the beer hand up (even if I did sense reluctance from the hander). Thanks lads and good to meet to you Dan and fine beer.

Mongolia FTW.


The pleasure was all ours! See you at the next event :slight_smile:


Doc you got so deep in the creek, every lap, dredging that mud out, good form though, fvck i had a good time, thanks everyone

pics up yet?

BeardoIrishMonglianDoc had the best crack in A Grade- from the crusty demon flip into Hepatitis Creek in the warm up lap, to the Nissan Drift each lap. He was the wiener in my book.

some good ones here

and here

buffoon hill at its best

sik, photos. where from?

Shucks. I worked out pretty quick I was outgunned, had a huff then remembered I was at CX and switched to clown mode. How good was Andy Fellows though, outclassed them all, rode that frickn creek every time etc.etc.