CX / Gravel Grinder Build

any of the file treads will wear down ridden on the road. they are CX soft and designed to be ridden on grass/dirt not pavement.

Pair Challenge Strada Bianca Clincher Tires 700 X 30C 115 PSI Black Brown GUM | eBay

yep. these.


The rubber is really soft on CX race tyres and the tread will disappear in seconds on the road.

Grab another set of gravel/road tyres and it will be sweet. I am sure there will be plenty of recommendations.

XGs have remarkable staying power on asphalt. clements continue to get good reviews in my reading.

Hubs are down with Dan and he has stock of the new 25mm HE’D Belgium rims and the spokes so should see them soon

Frame fork and HS showed up to


ntbd - do.own

Are these going to be laced to the Royce hubs you put on Hipstagram?

Also have
TB14s to Phil tarck hubs which rock
Synergy to Hope roadie hhubs on the Soma
Archetypes yet to be laced for CX/general purpose

All are good - 23mm #blakeyapproved

These are the new HED Belgium tho 25mm and tubeless ready to Royce hubs

What does ntbd mean???

Not bad

Ok this is quite long ago but I’d love to see a pic of the complete built.

Approved. +1000

Red and not pink? Also like Marc said, any updates?

This never got built up by Dubrat. Was sold onto someone down south though.

Not sure whether you found your tires but here’s my 2c. I’m trying grand Bois cypres 30 mm ATM and I’m totally in love. They would not be good for proper cx racing (they are slicks) but for gravel grinding they’re amazing. I just used them on a 200 ks ride over the weekend and they were great on tarmac, muddy forest roads and coarse gravel/rocky roads. Some of us had punctures during this ride but not the two of us rolling on grand Bois.

Also, they are very fast. I used them on bunch rides and didn’t feel that they slowed me down compared to my usual Rubinos or Shwalbe 25mm.

Not cheap ($75 postpaid from Commuter Cycles) but well worth it.

Yerp, Todd has this now. Not that he’s building it.
Too busy putting auto p0Rn on da 'gram.

But did you get the wheels back from Mr Angry?

It’s built.


Yup Wheels were built and used on the Parlee over the last 7 months

This frame is now in down south owned by Todd K and decked out as a gravel grinder with full ENVE