CX Ipswich in August

This looks like fun- safer than polo? I may just sneak out and ride it anyway…

Ipswich CC To Stage Inaugural Cyclocross Event

Awesome! Go Ipswich CC.

Here comes a National CX Series…

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery,

BB/Nik, have the organisers been in touch with you for advice on running the event?

There are alot of people in SE Qld with cross bikes, finally a chance to race them.
There was a race during Bike week, 2 years ago, at Davies park. It was cancelled this year at the last minute.
Hopefully they will get a big turnout.

If I’m in town I’d be keen to go for a day trip and check it out.

If it wasn’t the day before our last race I’d be tempted to fly up for it (and a holiday in warm weather).

I just checked my roster and I am off - as if I am not going to be there. I hope it pisses down.

Hmm… there’s a possibility I can score supercheap flights for this.

Damn, looks like I’ll be in Sydney that weekend. :frowning:

I’m fat and unfit… Can I make it 25 mins and one lap? I might give it a shot!


Guess who’s got two thumbs and is racing in 3 states in 8 days?

>> This guy <<

Pictures from the event - taken by Andrew from BQ.

Blakey had to have a nap at the end.

That was fun.

Soaking up the rayzzz.

Nice to meet a few more BNE people, especially the Wizard (even if he did tell me to fuck off when I suggested someone might pass me a bidon mid race), and huge props to el brado for tracking me down in West End and ferrying me out to the race and back.

Edit: this hill runup was BRUTAL by the last couple of laps.

100_2047 by Andrew Demack, on Flickr

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