CX Races Coming Up

i’ve been checking around the traps today for any upcoming cx races before the end of the year. so far, my search has returned nix.

so i thought, why not have a place where dates/info/links to races be put for others like myself to check out what’s happening in the coming days, weeks and months.

just punch in the date, location and link if there’s a website/bookface event/forum topic for it.


a) CX season’s over and b) Cycling Event - Home has the Oz race calendar issue covered.

that’ll do nicely.


midsummer evening ghettocross race has been on my mind. CX season be too short, even though i didn’t have a winter this year

stay posted for news on ‘Ghettocross II’ presented by Hellkrew… All I’ll say just yet, is to start ‘training’ in and around the Hawthorn crit circuit, where the last event was held.

really? the season ran for 6mths and only just finished last weekend. people just decided to stop attending races after DDCX#3/CV CX Open. Heck, I raced every weekend in september and i think you were back then…

but, i endorse more racing (just not for a few weeks…)

look out for ‘Skin Or Glory - a Dirt TT’ coming in Dec as well (more details to come when the organisers email them through). From what I’ve seen its going to be a great way of going into serious oxygen debt or getting very rad on some gravel in a short time.

it’s posted in the calendar, i’ll put the thread up later today.

I’m all crossed out for now.