cx racing, harder on the body than xc mtb?

Have been feeling the urge to get racing again. I stopped mtb racing back in 2011 due to severe lower back issues (not related to riding). I kept my mtb until late 2012 and got out on the trails a bit but couldn’t go for more than 20 mins without my back giving up, so I sold the mtb and just kept the roady and commuter.

My back is better nowdays and have been thinking of returning to mtb but figured maybe CX is worth looking at? Any of you guys mixed it up with both xc crit/enduro’s and cx racing? I’m thinking the courses for cx may be a little smoother but i could be completely wrong:)

I’ve raced XC, dirt crits, CX and enduro (timed DH style).

I find XC much harder on the body and tend to get a sore back on longer, technical races.

CX races are pretty short, sharp and don’t have rock drops/gardens etc so I find my lower back/core gets worked over much less.

What Sean said.

I found racing in the CX season this year in Brisbane reminded me a lot of the Wild West XC MTB series we have here in SE QLD. Lots of short, sharp races where you’re on or near the redline.

Give me a cruisy XC long race any day :slight_smile: