cx sizing

for the road, i ride 54cm square or thereabouts. what’s optimal for a cx? better to have a slightly shorter seat tube to give a bit more room to move? or just stick with 54 square?

stick with what you ride on the road

this. if in actual doubt size down… or if you are james and ride a PRO sized stem and slammage then size to your ‘normal’ size.

thanks folks! was doing a bit of reading around, and some were suggesting that earlier cx frames were built to have a higher bottom bracket, and therefore going down a seat tube size was recommended. but i guess it’s geo dependent. in any case, decided to have punt on this merckx

Eddy Merckx Steel Cyclocross Frameset Frame XS Needs Restoration | eBay

but was pipped at the line.

This is what i was looking at KUK - Crosslight - 5T Frame - 54cm - Black - Shiny Bikes Ltd
and this fork Kinesis Pure CX Cyclo Cross Forks
Pretty well priced about $540 shipped for both.

right on the money.

TT length, Head tube length & BB height are all really important in getting the bike to FEEL right, not just fit right.

54 regardless of height.


140 stem regardless of height.

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Custom frame with a foot of head tube and spacers and a riser stem.