CXing a tourer

Picked a Specialized Tricross for $20 at a swap meet.

Looks just like this:

I want to ride more CX than touring on it. Skids n wheelies for winter!

Few questions:
Will it ride poorly
Setting it up 2x at the front
Id ike to get the cockpit lower but run into a hurdle of the stem fouling the cable guide.
Dont like the gear cable (much prefer them running under the bar tape)

Get a crown mounted brake cable stop. You’ll probably need a spacer to replace that steerer mounted cable stop. Or cut down the fork (wah!)

All of the Shimano 9sp stuff runs the cables that way, as do some of the 10sp groups. It works fine. If you want to change, consider SRAM, Campy, or newer Shimano. Apparently Tiagra 4700 is where it’s at. I reckon used 10sp 105 would be good.

Agree with everything Pete sez.

But don’t get used 10spd 105 unless practically brand new. Seems to thrash out and get tired faster than any other shifter (though maybe sample bias).

Also latest 9spd Sora shifters runs gear cables under tape but that won’t be cheap as so new.

Usually some cheap external cable 10spd shimano groupsets that still work well and can use 9spd generation mtb rear derailleurs to get lower gears at the back.

it’s a tricross, so it’s fine for you to try cross on.

and $20? far out.

$20? Steal.

Tiagra 4700 is great. On par with 5600, maybe even 5700.

$20 at car swap meet.
Was missing seat post, had random road wheels and damaged rear canti.

Posted a WTB so getting the missing bits together.

Fixed that for you

Well I cracked the sads today and fitted riser bars!