CXP33's rims

Do Mavic still make CXP33?

They’re still on the Cecil Walker website doofus :evil:

“Horatio St”, where I go cruising for all my skinny white boy ass…

I had heard that mavic were’nt making them any more? (ya fucking smart-arse)

Yes, but they don’t make the BLUE or RED ones any more.

mucho gracias mon capitano

Built a pair last week.
Nice rims. Hadn’t seen one in ages and forgot just I liked 'em.
Think only in silver now.


Strong rim you can still get them in black and silver. I wish I had never sold the red ano pair I had I am now running a black pair lighter than deep v’s and a little more refined. I use to build them for cross riders in London they like the way the mud would clear off the v shape of the rim and not get stuck on them like a box section rim.

i was interested in getting some til i heard they were heavy heavy heavy. Are they?

475grams which is a bit heavy a light road rim will be about 425grams like an open pro and deep v’s are 500 grams plus.

Like halfway between an open pro and a deep v, like their lovechild.

am I the only one who doesnt get the horatio meme?

Please do not feed the CraigC’s. :smiley:

got a set on my road training wheels, awesome rims, still as true as the day they were built :sunglasses:

red ano cxp33’s FTW :sunglasses: