CXtwiLITE - (r)Adelaide

It’s official.
CXtwiLITE is on 22 Nov, 13Dec, 17 Jan (yes during the Tour Down Under for you interstaters) and 14 Feb (for the lovers)

CXtwiLITE - 50% of the course and full flavoured fun this summer.

TDU/CX road trip?

You know you want to.

You know I want to.

you could drill & tap 2x holes on the underside of a pair of these so you can bolt some cleats on

just in case

this was discussed on the weekend… interest has been registered within the HK camp.

It’s going to be hot in Radelaide by then, you’ll need some of these.

Flipflop cleat..jpg

Man it’s already hot here!

The shirt or the SPD pluggers?

Just come get drunk with me and John Kennedy in a park somewhere.

Not the shirt - pluggers, flipflops, thongs… whatever you like to call them. Get happenin’. Crabon inserts if you need 'em.

But it’s CX not polo…

Entries are now up and we have a new-fangled online entry system, yay!


… and also now officially confirmed that PACC will accept MTBA and BMXA race licenses. Which opens things up somewhat…

would be good if you could find this out. I need an mtba licence for downhill, would be good if I could use it for this too

you can use your MTBA license. Bring it with you - no license no race. Latest details on