Cycle atelier tomity open tokyo

“Cycle Atelier Tomity” Open!!

Hello all!!
I’m Tomity from Tokyo Japan
I’m former professional Keirin rider(1983-2010)
After I retired,I enjoy long vacation about one year

I restart next my bike life for shop

“Cycle Atelier Tomity” (Aug.2011~)
This is facebook of shop

Here is the Atelier’s address
This place is about one hour by train from Shinjuku in Tokyo suburb

1-9-2,Nangai,Higashiyamato,Tokyo,Japan Zip.207-0014

Cycle Atelier Tomity
I’m sorry All NJS frame and parts is only sold in the shop.
The store does not sell any mail-order
Please come to my atelier if you will come to Tokyo!!

See you here

Notice:Please don’t ask to me!! about this
Can you send NJS frame abroad?
Do you sell Kalavinka? or Nagasawa?

Cool, Congratulations and Onaigashimas Tomity-San !!

hi Tomity, congratulations on your new store!

You are a legend. My Vivalo Pro wears your Senji-fuda on the track and streets of Melbourne with pride!

all the best!


Another reason to go back to Japan!

Ohayo Tomity San!

Can you please tell us which train line to catch from Shinjuku?
When I tried to visit your Atelier late last year I found it very hard to work out which line to take! Unfortunately this means I never made it over to visit you


If you ride from Shinjuku i would suggest road 20 to Fuchu, then road 17. But it’s not a particularly picturesque ride.

Congratulations Tomity-San! We will have to come back to see you again soon.

what about 3Rensho???

Just kidding. Congrats. I like this kind of shop. Keep it local, keep it exclusive. I am sure you will have some great stuff. Looking forward to checking it out.

Takadanobaba… do suburb names get any better?

Congrats on opening your new store, mate.

Ballerina, if you find yourself in/near Kitasenju any time (and why wouldn’t you!?) , say g’day to the guys at Fitte bicycle store for me… lovely hard-men of the road.

Ok i’ll make a note of that :slight_smile:

p.s 2Joes2 ~ Your beloved GiraGira seems to be all over 3Rensho.