Cycle computer with cadence sensor?

Hey all,

Just looking for recommendations for a decent cycle computer with a cadence sensor.

Needs to measure cadence as I want to use it on a wind trainer, as well as for actual rides. Thinking wireless is probably the way to go.

Doesn’t need to be top shelf, just do what its meant to without fuss.

Thanks in advance,

Cecil walker has Garmin 500 with cadence and heart rate for $259

If real cheap, look for a used cateye wireless with cadence, pick 'em up for pennies used coz everyone has a garmin.

There’s plenty of other cheap ‘dumb’ bike computers like that too: ALPHA Wireless Cycle Computer with HRM and Cadence PO438 | Buy Computers Online | Shop @ Torpedo7

Otherwise, get a cheap used garmin 200/500 etc with a gsc10 speed/cadence sensor.

Thanks guys. Hopefully my Cotic fairly quickly and I get myself a Garmin 500. Thanks for the link Adam - thats got to be about the best deal around.


Yes get a garmin 500 like everyone else. I did and I’m happy

$40 computer and cadence (no gps) and might still be available:BNA - Australian Cycling Forums • View topic - [VIC] Sigma BC 1609 STS + cadence cycle computer

Love my Garmin 500. I picked it up for touring because, with a little trickery, you can get it to display a track (not a map, but good enough). Comes with two mounts, so I just toss it between bikes. Speed/cadence sensor stays mounted on the roadie because it’s usually on the trainer. GPS only is good enough for logging my rides on the fix, but if I run across a deal on a speed/cadence sensor when I’ve got some extra scratch I’ll add one there too…