Cycle Underground Chainrings

Does anyone know if cycle under ground are still doing their thing? Have sent off a few emails to get another ring done and no contact for a few weeks as of yet.

Any ideas?

contact user abodigital. he works for/is cycle underground.
given that andy fyxo is still selling fyxo chainrings you’d imagine CU are as well


they arent that big on the whole ‘email’ thing IIRC… try calling them directly. i had a fair bit of luck getting them on the phone.

yeah I had to wait a while for email replies, they will come through eventually though and their chainrings are worth the wait

Queensland time :smiley:

Abodigital has the last of John B’s/Cycle Undergrounds chainring stock.
Tarn @ Primate Cycles has all of John’s other cycling related product/equipment (tubing, tips, dropouts, tools etc). Tarn also makes his own chainrings, which are cut on the same CNC machine as CU, using the same material, so are essentially the same but they look a bit different. Check out Primate Cycles or Candy Cranks to buy them. They are excellent.

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