cycle underground - no reply

I’ve been trying to get hold of cycle underground for a new chain ring of late but aren’t getting anywhere?
anyone know why this is so? i’ve sent two emails over the last two weeks but nothing.
does the 25 post limit extend to them as well?

They never reply to emails, try getting in touch with Andy White (fyxomatosis) - the Brev Fyxo chainrings are made by cycle underground.

Yeah, they can smell noobs over the interwebs. :evil:

Thanks Bleve…

BREV FYX with next day delivery and veloporn included with every ring.

just email - to order yours.

130, 135, and 144 always in stock.

Yeah - I’m also not getting a reply from CU.

The Fyxo CU version, hey? I guess a discount is out of the question??

drop a pm to user abodigital. he knows people who knows people.

I initially tried to contact CU but the same deal, wanted a chainring and a wheel rig.

If your in Sydney go see Peter Bundy, good ol’ Pete always carries a bunch of CU chainrings (for a good price too…shhhh the moderater will delete this)

Quoted, so no-one deletes :wink:

Plenty of LBSs stock them, and shops that stock them can typically get in contact with CU and order new ones even when CU aren’t answering their emails.