Cycling Apps for Iphone

saw a thread from feb '09 that wasnt much help. is there anything decent out these days that people can recommend?

cyclemeter. rapha rendezvous (it doesn’t have any use, but it’s pretty).

bicycle gear calculator, sizemybike, RiderLog.

icycle or icycling, I think it was called.

just saw someone doing a keo spin on the new Iphone add on TV… probably not an app though…

iMapMyRIDE or Cyhosis…

Imapmyride GPS logger ! you can buy a heart rate dongle for your phone coupled with your polar/etc chest band it will display and log H/r

How would you know ellepea? YOu just hang your bike up in the shop, right?

pretty much, yeah.

i’m so ronery :frowning:

I wish I hadn’t lost my iphone, I’d be hitting up iKeirin!

Always prepare for the worst. You should a’ got that MobileMe trackmyiphone thing.

I use RiderLog and Motion X

i use ‘thebike’… does the job