Cycling directions on Google Maps

Cycling maps have been launched at Google Australia. I’m sure they aren’t perfect at the moment, but it seems pretty quick and a lot less clunky than other sites I’ve seen.

From this link

For those looking simply to browse the map, just click the ‘bicycling’ layer on the top right. You’ll see three types of lines appear on the map:

Dark green indicates a dedicated cycle path
Light green indicates a dedicated cycle lane along a road
Dashed green indicates roads that are designated as preferred for cycling, but without dedicated lanes

Looks like it has a bike path bias. Not a criticism, just an observation.

Melbourne to Brisbane looks pretty straight forward:

Melbourne VIC to Brisbane QLD - Google Maps

what…only 90 hrs. anyone up for a spin, leave tomorrow cnr bell and sydney rd say 8:30am?

beat me to it!!

next week’s WNR??

Saw this today, looks pretty cool. I wonder if it takes hills into account for the amount of time to travel there.

Google looks for roads with designated bike lanes, tries to avoid areas with lots of hill climbs and drops, and, when possible, whenever a road has been designated by a city or cycle group as bike-friendly.

Source: Google Maps Adds Bike-Friendly Directions and Trails

google <3’s u matt.

I find the directions pretty rubbish. Great if you’re on a step through and want to go for a Sunday cruise but rubbish for actually getting from Point A to B (especially on a road bike)

you don’t use googlemaps if you know where your going.

and if you’re on your roadie, surely you use Strava to plan your route?!

Hahaha I use google maps to look at the route before I leave - perks of living in Melbourne, (almost) everything is a grid.

Strava is all about the segment searching :wink: