cycling in australia.

the good doctor put me on to this today. it’s kind of a treasure trove.

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story on the home page does for me, ‘cyclists feel safe to run red lights’ - one of the most common reasons is because they don’t set off the sensors.
something we can all relate to.

^ Rubbish. The ‘sensors’ are an inductive loop that even the most fredly crabon fibre bike would have enough metal to trigger.

I don’t have the tech knowledge to argue but I rode a motorbike for many years and quite a few times had to get off the bike and hit the pedestrian button to get the green hey. There was one set in particular, maybe they were just fucked? Maybe a case of some cyclists taking the same route every day over the same fucked “inductive loop thingo”? I dunno :slight_smile:

i know i’ve managed to split the middle of them, or ride around the outside edge, and not have them trigger…
will do some testing in the coming days at a set i ride over daily, which i know only give green if triggered.

i know one right turn arrow i can’t trigger on the motorbike.