Cycling Shoes

Hey All

Was wanting to start getting into clipless and was wondering where is a reputable store in Melbourne that stocks a wide range that isn’t at rip-off prices.

Looking for entry level ones, also recommendations while i have your attention? I would purchase off Wiggle but would prefer to try it on first before buying. Was looking at Shimano R064 or dhb R1.0 on Wiggle as they seem to be entry level cycling shoes.

Thanks, Chris

Bike Now, South Melbourne, everything is 50% off, hustle!

Here’s a bargain if you’re just looking to try clipless: Shimano SH-R077 Road Bike Cycling Shoes

LEGEND! I’ll go have a look today, hope i get lucky with sizes :slight_smile:

Any difference between brands or just personal pref?

If its your 1st pair, just try on as many as possible and find the best fit.

Worry about the tech. stuff on the 2nd pair.

From exp. having ill fitting cycling shoes sucks.

But also, depending on what your planning to ride and what pedals you have, MTB style shoes you can walk in are good for a 1st pair.

Yeah try everything you can, some brands use a narrow last, some use a wide last, try them all on, in the thickness of socks that you’ll be wearing, and expect your feet to swell a bit when it’s hot. Concentrate more on how it fits the width of your foot and cups the heel, and ensure that there’s a bit of room in the toe box.

From memory, BikeNow always had leftover pairs which were heavily discounted anyway. Just go try a bunch on.
IMO, Shimano fit pretty true to size, as do SIDI (but slimmer).