Cyclist dies after dooring - Melb

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Awful. My thoughts are with the victims and his family.

Good to see the charges are being changed. Hope there’s something more appropriate applied for the death of the cyclist and it sticks.

Yeah horrible news.

I’m still of the opinion that all this talk of infrastructure reforms is somewhat misguided. Separate lanes are all well and good, but how can anybody reasonably propose that they be rolled out en masse? It’s just too big a job, there are too many spots where installing such infrastructure is simply impossible. The place where this bloke got doored is a case in point.

Education campaigns are what we need. Confronting ads on telly, billboards, signs etc etc. Shove messages about dooring/keeping a metre’s distance etc down people’s throats. IMO it’s the only way to catalyse any sort of real change in popular attitude and opinion. As long as this bloke from Bicycle Network and whoever else keep banging on about bike lanes and other infrastructure without addressing the real problem, the larger the chasm between motorists and cyclists gets. Yes, by all means install bike lanes where it is practicable, but for fuck’s sake, let’s educate road users on danger and risk prevention first.

edit- Increases in fines are bullshit too. Do people really think that a lazy motorist who never looks when opening a door into traffic, at the very moment he’s about to get out of his car, is going to have some sort of blinding bolt of cognition and say to himself, “oh yeah shit, the fine for this has gone up by $150, better not do it.” Doubtful. People need the message drilled into them. A pissy fine increase isn’t going to do anything significant to change habits which are this deeply ingrained.

Fkn horrible.
Thought go out to the family & friends of the rider.
Such a stupid & preventable death. Horrible.

only a matter of time till someone else died unfortunately

it’s not so much whether they remember the fine as they open their door,but that the level of the fine is appropriate to the possible consequences of the action. running a red light is a bigger fine then changing lanes without indicating.
where serious injury or death results i would say a fine doesn’t cut it anymore, and then a judge rules based on community perception of the crime. the larger the fine the more severe the community perception woud seem to be.

It’s slightly cheaper to fare evade on a tram. Which is ridiculous. And awful.