Cyclist found dead on road,25197,24382493-12377,00.html

Sound like someone on a fixie ??

What makes you say that? The report was pretty vague.


P.S. good to have you back on the forums.

[url=,21985,24382509-661,00.html]Cyclist found dead on road on Queens Parade in Clifton Hill

Ninja? (no lights)
No helmet?
Pissed after the High Vibes Festival in Northcote?
Hit and run?
Heart attack / seizure? (not bloody likely at 20)
Too fast coming off the overpass?


cause of death will probably involve alcohol to some degree

Man, this is bad…

This would be a hit and run wouldn’t it?

Or an alco.

how many topics are we gonna have related to dead cyclists?

Damn, another fatality…

Be careful out there people…

considering it was the high st festival yesterday, and he was found at 12 at night in the area, he’d probably imbibed a large amount during the day, i think alcohol lessens your chances of surviving falls?

oh, i saw a lot of fixie riders around there, maybe 8 or 10, one guy shad blue frame and anodised blue rims, another guy on a green masi riding on the footpath, a dude with a white frame walking,

Just the sheer number of fixie riders around who seem to have trouble riding. Though it probably would have been alcohol.

Depends on how many dead cyclists we have?

Riding while maggotted is a fun and addictive practice, best done in controlled circumstances.,21985,24381411-661,00.html

the point should be raised, that these are the first couple of weeks of good cycling weather of the season.

I rode through Northcote (avoiding High St at all costs) yesterday, and there were a shit load of cars with little to no patience, probably from the traffic. Got beeped at by people who forget that cyclists are allowed to ride on the street.

I feel sorry for the friends and family of this kid, such a shame. RIP

Ride safe.

I wasnt very close to him but had met him several times and he was always a super nice guy. A bunch of my mates are extremely close with him.

Talented BMX rider, lived in Collingwood, an Anchor BMX crewmate.

rest in peace Tim.

Thoughts are with his family across the ditch.

Another reminded to wear a helmet.

Rip nz tim.

Deepest sympathies to his family and the anchor crew.

ah, shit, that sucks. i love those anchor bmx guys.