Cyclist killed at Clarence Corner (Mater) Intersection

I came past this on my morning commute. It must have happened 15 minutes before I got there. Police had cordoned off everything including all around the brewhouse and weren’t letting anyone go through, not cars, peds nor bikes.

I saw the bike on the ground, actually rode straight past it as I detoured, it was a tangled mess. It looked like your average $200 hybrid, and I’m guessing the rider was probably a female student given the location and bike.

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I’m usually hesitant to apporition blame in these cases but in my view this is squarely Brisbane Council’s fault. They have known of these bad intersections for years and only recently they made the situation just down the road from this accident even worse. They have put off funding a copenhagen lane down this stretch of road for years as well, infrastructure that may have saved this person’s life. I am sad and angry. Ride safe everyone.

Poor bastard, hope the family once they’re over their grief takes it to BCC.

Also a chance for the 1m law to be enforced, on top of the manslaughter charge that should also be applied.

So glad I don’t have to commute through that section.

This is terrible and as you said total foreseeable and preventable. Not to mention the pathetic resolution to the recent fatality 200M up the road at the train overpass. Thoughts go out.

Dan, as futile as it may be… with your academic prowess and knowledge of “the system” is there some course of action we can take combined with Bicycle QLD (I know their hopeless) to make something happen… protest, sit in, mass ride, blah blah to get this carnage fiesta fixed?

BQ are too busy tweeting about their ride than worrying about this.

CBD BUG is on it.

Cycle as well,

I reckon CBD BUG is the great group to organise something through, there are a few other communities around as well. Let’s give some time for all the facts to come out, and of course as a community we must be respectful of the needs of the family and friends of the cyclist involved.

[b]UPDATE: It appears a rubbish truck was involved in that fatal collision
It’s understood the truck involved in a fatal collision this morning was a rubbish truck.

A female cyclist was killed in the collision near the Mater Hospital.

Police were called to the crash, at the corner of Annerley Rd and Stanley St, about 7.45am.

A police spokeswoman asked motorists to avoid the area and advised the road was likely to remain closed for several hours.

Our reporter at the scene, Kirsten Kehren, says the victim appears to have been dragged a distance of about 20 metres along Annerley road.

Personal belongings, thought to be that of the victim, remain strewn across the road, among them a white pair of sports shoes and a laptop.[/b]

Hectic. Another rubbish truck, much like the New Farm incident from a few years ago.

Sita Waste Managment will have a few questions to answer.

Tragic. From what I understand the green bike lane is inside the left turn lane? That’s pretty basic planning fail.

Correct. And wait for it… it happens at two set of lights in a row!

The whole area is an absolute cluster fuck of epic proportions. You’ve got areas where green painted lanes abruptly finish, spots where turn signals can have cars turning over the top of cyclists approaching on their left in the green bike lane. Locations where bikes are forced from the road into mobs of pedestrians waiting to cross the road, and locations where you would have to wait 3 full light cycles to cross an intersection if you take the footpath. The entire area needs a comprehensive review by a competent traffic planner, taking into account the needs of the most vulnerable first, not some mate of Campbell Newman’s who just wants another kickback.

The cruelest part of all of this is that this incident occured on one of Councils preferred alignments for cyclists:

Would like some more information as to direction of travel, which lane and so on as the original pic on CM’s website showed debris across the right hand lane of Annerley Rd heading towards Southbank.


Bike lane leading from Victoria Bridge in front of the Casino ends up running into an island and is located between avery dangerous bus lane and car lane.

The bike lane turning right onto Annerly road at the brew house…

The list goes on and these are all major bike routes!!

From what I saw (which was just the aftermath) I’m pretty sure the accident occured as the cyclist was turning right into Annerley Rd from Stanley st (coming from Southbank heading towards Dutton Park), based on the debris on the road, location of emergency services, and the location of the bicycle. They had shut off the footpath along the front of the brewhouse (facing onto Annerley rd) so this is most likely where the cyclist was dragged post collision. Truly horrific.

More info and different pics:

Young woman killed in South Brisbane crash

Jesus, 3.5hrs after the crash & she’s still there covered by a sheet?!

I know they need to be thorough but that seems unnecessary :frowning:

Gotta cover all the bases before you tamper with the scene. That sort of stuff has let people get off major crimes before, sadly. That photo of the middle of the intersection in the article tells a horrific story.