Cyclist robbed on Merri creek last night.

I haven’t looked to see if this has been posted but the brother in law of one of my gf’s old workmates got pulled off his bike by four dudes on Merri Creek last night and robbed as he was riding under a bridge (I’m gonna assume it happened near Ceres). He ended up with a very badly dislocated hip and some other injuries. The dudes who did it apologised as they ran off saying they were homeless.

Pretty grim. Watch out along there I guess.

Thanks for the info, that fucking sucks to hear.

Holy shit.

Hope he heals up alright. That would be terrifying, it’s scary enough riding through those dark sections normally.


it’s funny, i remember talkin to gene aaaaaaages ago about how easy it is to forget people can take you down on a bike. i always feel safe riding around, but it’s pretty easy to get complacent too.

ride safe folks.

oh, and hope your brother in laws whatsamahoo guy mate is ok.

My friend at work from the country who I’ve convinced to ride to work is still really weary of the city life; never goes out without her phone, won’t ride through the park after dark etc. She lives really near there and would be terrified if I told her about this…