cyclo x lever connection

Hi all,
just looking at getting a cyclo cross rig going and was wondering if anyone might know how the dual brake lever set up actually works and what the go with cable set up might be?
any help would be great.


It’s much easier to demonstrate than it is to describe, but here goes:

The drops lever works as per normal, pulling cable through the housing. The cross lever works by pushing the housing away from the cross lever, which lengthens the total distance from the housing stop on the drops lever to the housing stop on the brake, thus pulling cable in and actuating the brake.

To set it up is the same as for normal drop bars, but you cut the housing where you want the cross lever and insert the housing on either side. Run the cable through, wrap your bars and you’re done.

I use Tektro RX2.0s, which are the same as the Cane Creeks.

From: PezCyclingNews


some levers also have a grub screw that snugs down on the cable.

Thread digging…

I can get my head around how a cross lever will work with front brakes.

I’m stuggling with the rears, will the lever still work if the rear brake cable runs through a braze on and has no housing (ie under the top tube)?

It works exactly the same. Doesn’t matter whether you’ve got a full length housing or cable stops.