Cyclocross anatomy help

I need to find out the name and where to find the wheel that makes top routed front deraileur cable able to be bottom pulled. It sits on the Seat tube under the derailleur. Here’s a photo

Please help.

Superfly Cycles Enduro Cyclocross Front Derailleur Pulley by Superfly Cycles

Damn… that Google website is helpful.

I know right?

Though $45 USD seems a bit rich. Sure it is a specialty part but it is also a little chunk of nylon.

Yeah awesome… That’s where i got the image from. I’m hoping to find something a little more economical.

Problem solvers. Or Google ‘DMR mech verter’

Clamp on type too. I searched for front derailleur pulley and there is a whole host of options, im sure there is a cheaper alternative.

I’m also sure that if you sat down with a seat clamp, a dremel and a few bits and pieces you could rig one up yourself quite easily.

All rigged up to easy.