Cycroc FLAT-1 Mini-velo

It’s nice to know there’s another Cycroc in Melbourne.

Wow, they changed quite a few things over time haven’t they. The track ends are completely different. Are those brake braze ons on the front? Enjoying it? Wondering how you go getting tyres and tubes, I had posted in another thread about that and found a couple of sources but the 28-451 size is definitely not common.

Yeah this one seems kind of basic by comparison to yours. It’s about 5 years old now. The original owner had the canti studs brazed on. I don’t remember any problems getting tyres. I think they came from CRC, or maybe Wiggle. I knew Duranos were available, but you’re right, 28-451 is not exactly a common size.

Interestingly on the Cycroc website they always give a Lot number at the top of the FLAT 1 images, currently Lot 7, I believe it was Lot 6 when I got mine so I guess they are refining things as they go. Pretty much only Japanese companies making Mini Velos now it seems, for a while there was a bit of a rush on them in the States and here but never really caught on. For a while, Soma, Silligey and others were churning them out but most seem to have stopped. At least one Australian Bike Polo player has a sweet Silligey Piccolo customised with braze-ons for brakes:

I really like their Mini Velo frames, the extended height head tube is a cool idea rather than running lots of spacers on the stack. Silligey don’t list the Piccolo on their shop anymore but still have the product on their website.

From memory, it’s probably closer to six years old. This one was ordered through Alex Cycles. It’s one of the few Japanese based stores that has a good English website and delivers to Oz. The canti work was done at Commuter Cycles. My fav tyre for this was the Tioga Power Block. It’s a good all rounder tyre. Greenspeed and M.R.components are a good source for 451 wheel stuff locally. They deal in recumbents which commonly use this wheel size.

I see Alex Cycles still sell them:

$711.60 though I shudder to think how much the shipping would cost given the size of the box I had to throw away when I was in Japan. I was lucky enough to get it back within my luggage allowance. With some of the specially that come up for flights to Japan you could almost fly there and pick one up for the cost of shipping I would guess! While it sounds funny to call them a track bike its always nice to see images like this:

Cool Moulton’s for the track :slight_smile:

Just a little update tip, while I love the Selle San Marco SuperCorsa W.C.S saddle, if you have a tendency to sweat in your, em, posterior region, then yellow or other strongly coloured options might not be the best bet, the colour definitely transfers to your clothes. I initially thought it was just a matter of working it in a bit but 8 months later it still behaves the same.

Looks nice but next time I think I will just have to give up and go for black.

This is so awesome. I would love it for my equally-as-small 1600m commute.

So… good prediction as it turns out. The next photos I post will have it almost totally Paul’ed out. Having the wheels re-laced with Paul hubs, Paul cranks going on and a Paul brake on the front. Just wish that new Paul stem came in a 25.4mm model to complete the picture. With the wheel rebuild and all it got too much for me to handle as an amateur so have handed it over to Jetnikoff to sort out. Not sure how long it will take but will post updated version when I get it back.

You’ll just need a good shim, or buy new bars if you want to use the Paul stem.

^ Unfortunately I love those particular bars and hate using shims (no particular rational reason, just seems inelegant to use a shim on a beautiful stem). Some people I spoke to are actually quite surprised Paul went with the oversize clamp given the types of bikes their gear usually ends up on, though I guess a lot of MTB guys do use their stuff to.

So got the upgraded bike back with all of its Paul goodness. Pretty much everything is Paul now :slight_smile:

so so good, kudos.

That is very very nice!

Seconded. That crankset never did it for me though. But personal choices etc etc…

Just rode it into the office today (bout 12km), must say it feels a lot more solid and smooth with the Paul hubs and Cranks. Jetnikoff did a great job on the rebuild, I think it’s pretty much exactly where I want it to be now.

Of course, if Paul do release that stem in 25.4mm…

So sick !!!