Cycroc FLAT-1 Mini-velo

I’ve had a couple of positive remarks during Melbourne Bike Tag on my ride so I thought I would give a little more detail. I have to give a shout out to Kumo Cycles (username BrakeFree) for highlighting the Cycroc FLAT-1 in his Japan Bike Guide article (the link for which now seems to be broken unfortunately). At the start of the year I was living in Japan for two months and decided I had to have something to ride but didn’t want to get a throw away clunker. This seemed ideal and something a little different to bring home. So glad I read that article since it not only got me this to this ride but also Blue Lug bikes. Do not go there if you care about your finances, seriously. Here it is…

Anyway, the ride, so the base is a Cycroc FLAT-1 fixed but in a special colour (matte indigo) made for Candyrim. You can see photos of what is looks like stock on that last link. Naturally I quickly had to make a few changes, about half of them in Japan and half after getting back. First step was to flip the wheel and run fixed and put some decent pedals and straps on. With some new bars that got me through my couple of months in Japan, when I got back I made a few more changes so the current configurations is:

Frame & Fork: Cycroc FLAT-1 20" (C-101 485 size, larger model) 4130 CRMO ^
Headset: VP VP-A77CK Slimstak 1-1/8” (cartridge) ^
Crankset: Cycroc ALLOY 1/2x1/8” 48T×170L ^
Bottom Bracket: VP VP-BC73 Square-comp 68×110.5mm (cartridge) ^
Handlebar: Nitto B201AA Riser in Silver 25.4mm
Stem: GRUNGE dt 50mm/25.4mm in Silver
Stem Cap: Blue Lug Logo Cap
Grips: OURY Yellow
Brake Lever: PAUL COMPONENT E-LEVER in Silver (left)
Brake: PROMAX RC-482 ^
Brake Pads: Unknown Yellow Things
Saddle: Selle San Marco SuperCorsa W.C.S in Yellow
Seatpost: PAUL COMPONENT Tall & Handsome in Silver
Seatpost clamp: PROMAX MX-38RT 31.8mm ^
Tyres: KENDA K193 KWEST 20 x 1-1/8” (28-451) ^
Rims: H PLUS SON CR56 20” WO(451) 30mm Deep 32H ^
Front Hub: NOVATEC FH-A165DSE (O.L.D) 100mm Sealed Bearing Large 32H ^
Rear Hub: NOVATEC RH-A166DSE (O.L.D)120mm Sealed Bearing Large 32H ^
Sprocket: Phil Wood 14T
Spoke and Nipple: #14 Stainless and Brass ^
Chain: KMC-Z410A 1/2 x 1/8” ^
Pedals: MKS Sylvan Prime Track
Straps: MKS fit-α Double Straps in Black
Cages: LDG - Livery Solid Plastic Double (Medium) in Yellow

^ These components are stock

Currently I am running 48T/14T giving me 68.4 gear inches. My normal street fixed is running 71.3 gear inches however its hard to find 130 BCD chainrings in 50T that would make this one run the same. Having ridden for a while at 68.4 on it with these wheels it feels like a good compromise, a world of difference from the stock 63.9 gear inches. All still miles lower than the 93 or so I have on my track bike but hey, it’s the road.

People often ask me what it’s like, in one word, fun! After getting the longer seat post and pushing up the gear inches it really isn’t a compromise to ride anymore, the seat height is the same as my other bikes and the gearing is enough that I don’t spin out too much. It’s tough to skid with these tyres and gearing but hopping is easy and lifting the front wheel over curbs etc is also much easier than a bigger bike. I wouldn’t want to do more than 50km or so on it in one go but have done 30km or so fairly often and it stands up great. If it’s not clear, I love riding this thing :slight_smile:

Some more pics…

Hopefully I can get rid of some of the crappier stock stuff over time but right now it rides nice so I don’t plan on changing it anymore for a while (guess everyone thinks that until they see a shiny new part though).

I didn’t think anyone would miss that page on my website till I killed it off. Now everyone laments it’s loss. …

Bike looks great! Enjoy

Looks like mad fun eh.

The colour combination works really well!

Such a great piece of history, I can’t believe it’s gone! I was just there the other day. Thankfully I archived the webpage :wink:

Edit: The new website is looking slick!

Diggin’ this.

That’s frigg’n cool.

Good mini velos are great. This one is.

So much better for city life than folders

Can you email me a copy of the archive?

Looks RAD! As a country boy living in rural Tasmania I can’t grasp the idea behind mini-velo… Small bike to fit in a small apartment? Small enough to fit in a work cubical?

yep, big in Japan.

Does anywhere in Australia stock these? Or can someone please get me one from Japan…? So so rad…

I saw a Hooligan for sale somewhere yesterday. Maybe Facebook.

This bike just looks like a good time. I see more Paul components in its future…

Will do.

Since I couldn’t swing anymore Paul Components just yet I at least got a pair of great Paul Component wool socks with the last order to tide me over :slight_smile:

I am seriously thinking the Paul cranks would work well and remove that biggest bit of ‘stock’ look though would need to check I can make it work with a BB that will fit. I just wish Paul Components made a side-pull calliper.

Very very nice, lots of character.

man I love mini velos

My Hooligan

^ Nice. The unifork reminds me of this bike I coveted during my BMX days (Kastan):

Guessing it would be a bit lighter than mine. How do you like it?

Great fun, very flickable. It can fit a rack and panniers on the back, i did it once for a laugh. I am just back from Tokyo and saw plenty of mini velos.