da stable

Hey! finally got an account… been riding for a while and thought i’d post up my/brothers bikes
This is the current stable and my first post!

Little Bro’s 20" Hillbrick track

20" hillbrick track wheelset
hillbrick stem, seatpost, seat etc.
dia compe brakes
dia comple gold finger brake lever
welgo pedals and straps

Brothers Cannondale track 92

velocity B43 rims/ dt spokes laced to origin 8 hubs
suntour superbe pro cranks/ chainring
colossi seatpost/ san marco concor light seat
pearl stem/ black drops
suntour superbe pro headset

My Cinelli mashh

velocity chuckkers
campagnolo record cranks/bb
campagnolo chorus seatpost/ unknown seat
cinelli pista stem/ deda pista drops

thanks for looking!

*sorry for the photo problems, was having trouble with my flickr account settings so just went to photobucket : s

pics dont work bro!

You need to upload the files to the internets first. Try cyclebucket.com, flickr.com, photobucket…

thank you!

Good, I don’t want to see them anyway ;p

i thought this was going to be a heap of bikes with only Dura-ace components.

I think I sold you those Deda bars?

turn your flickr off private!

lol! + 1

can’t wait to see those mad b43’s on the cannon

derp i wannasee pics

‘stable?’… so far, one of the more disappointing threads ever:mad:

I love how this thread has attracted enough posts to go to 2 pages , yet the OP still hasn’t given us anything more than red x’s.

You guys fail at the internet. If you click on the squares you get linked to the Flickr. Here’s a link for the lazy:
Flickr: dmnconetwothree’s Photostream

Here’s my fave, the mini Hillbrick:

[edit] shit, now I’m failing at the internet…

Looks like we found out who nabbed that Cannondale…

yes, thanks to butter for the bars : )

PS: It’s not that hard.

IMG_3901 by dmnconetwothree, on Flickr

mini hillbrick is so cute. i want it for my kids that i have no intentions of having yet.

get a chimp in the mean time, primates on bikes are fucken rad!