Daddy Long Legs tourer in Brizzo

Vintage British CLAUDE BUTLER Road Racing Bike | eBay

It’s not really a Claud Butler made by Claud Butler (I’m guessing late 80’s Holdsworth when they were getting sloppy) but I had a similar frameset and found it capable when loaded and quite sturdy. Reynolds 531 ST, threaded bosses for front mounted low riders, canti’s with plenty of clearance for fat tyres.

Thinking some of you here might find it of interest. I’d suggest specc’ing it with a more modern drivetrain, respacing the rear to 135mm and making it a cheap-ish tourer/commute bike. Beats buying a Surly.

$83 … someone scored :wink:

It’s still got 10hrs.

never said I was clever (doh!)