Dave's sick Banshee

holding place

Classic JP. After a year and a half of DM’s… this is so good.


If I still lived in Canberra…

Hot lap on G20 oooft.

haha classic! Liam it’ll be worth it for the stoke!

Come on the buller trip nek year!


JP reminded me this thread existed. Received an update this morning that the frame has arrived and will hopefully be getting built up soon:



And finally its arrived!

Post a pic up dave…

Already seen it. Quits FOA

Haha yeah, for those who haven’t seen it via private gram groups…

Thats so much party. I’m going to touch it in a few days.

Looks okay I guess.

Thats a freakin tidy rig Dave.

So what you running? Pikes, Monarch Plus, and are those carbon bars?

Pretty sure a Banshee will my next Enduro steed aye.

Not sure if it will be a Spitfire or a Prime yet tho. Heaps of the fast guys and gals riding Enduro over here seem to be rolling 29ers even a few short arses like moi (168cm)… Yeti SB5.5, Trek Slash 29, Intense Carbine, Santa Cruz Hightower, Pivot Switchblade, YT Jeffsy. It seems like Boost has righted long chainstays. The last long travel 29er I rode was a Yeti SB95 and it was so long it was like riding a chopper. Hopefully I can jump on a couple and try them out.

Nailed it, 160 pike, monarch plus. They’re just raceface atlas bars. I’ll probably spend us much time having a dirt nap and as I do right side up on this so the groupset etc isn’t anything fancy.

I’m probably the least qualified person to offer an opinion, but I rode JP’s prime for a day around stromlo and majura pines and it was excellent. I went back and forth on that, the spitty, a remedy and some of the canyons for bloody ages. The remedy I rode was a lot of fun too, which is party why I went with getting the spitfire. Very similar geo, cool banshee features plus a threaded bottom bracket and external cable routing. Pressfit is bad enough on the road let alone how much dirt and shit gets into places on a mtb.

Bloody nice! Good colours.

^This. I can’t believe so many of the major brands are persevering with PF30 and BB92.

Its completely nuts that BSA has become a ‘boutique’ bike feature, akin to grease nipples.

My Caadx’s BB30 creaks like crazy even with a Praxis BB. There’s no way in hell I’ll be spending $5K+ on a bike with PF.

And I’m also a fan of external routing.

Good move on getting a workhorse drivetrain and aluminium bars. I’d personally never trust carbon bars with some of the offs that I do – also I’ve seen multiple snapped carbon bars and never alu. Broken carbon is super messy too.

On a vaguely related note, I had to laugh at the number of riders washing their bikes down with a hose at the end of each day of the TransNZ Enduro. (And it was not a wet race). If there’s a surefire way to ensure creaky pivot bearings / headset / BB wash it regularly with detergent and a hose. Admittedly they were some very pretty bikes but still. “Click, click, click…”

My beard is tingling! Imagine a gear cable change that takes less than 10 minutes in 2017!

BSA is great for steel axle’d bb’s. I’m actually ready for T47. It’s what BB30 should have been. Big alloy axle, big bearings, good Q, but with a threaded interface.

Try installing it with a ton of Copperslip. Or look for cracks in your Cannondale.

Good call, careful with those hoses on your $$$ enduro bike. Anyone read what Jobst had to say last century;

“Sealed bearings are not “sealed” against water intrusion but are merely sealed to prevent airflow in electric motors where rotation acts as a vacuum cleaner and fills bearings with dust. Phil Wood did not understand this when he started the “sealed” bearing fad. Only labyrinth seals will protect a wheel bearing over the long run. They also have no drag.” Jobst Brandt


“…most bearings don’t fail from load but rather by water intrusion…” Jobst Brandt

Also, DICE, how was the TransNZ Enduro? Photo’s looked rad.