David Short Cycles?

Just picked up a roadie that was apparently custom made by David Short for someone, out of his Penshurst workshop here in Sydney.

However I can’t find a single thing about him? Other than cycling australia stuff?

I haven’t seen the bike in the flesh yet, but i do know it was mid 1990’s and equipped with suntour edge?

Any info is appreciated!

Is it going to be big enough bro?!

David raced extensively with the St George Club in Sydney during the golden years. He initally worked at Royal Star Cycles with Ron Bates and learnt the trade, including building and repairing frames. He then opened his own shop at Penshurst; he was meticulious in everything he did. He raced at a state and National level during this time. David undertook many coaching courses and decided to take his career down this path, he is based in SA with the Australian Team and has coached many world chamions. I personally would be proud to ride one of his frames/ bikes

that’s quite the thread dig mansell!! how’d you find yourself here? welcome!

A slighly delayed reply :slight_smile: . Googled David, I used to race with him and found myslef here. Great site. Thank you for accepting me as a member

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Thanks @mansell - I sold this bike after building it sometime in 2011/12 I think. Eventually I got in contact with someone who knew David and he emailed me some information.

Was a great frame but had some crazy 90’s geo with clearance for 21c tyres only and half a foot of toe overlap!

Here it is after I had it resprayed, just for closure:

“had some crazy 90’s geo with clearance for 21c tyres only and half a foot of toe overlap!”


getting some sensations jamesy?

can feel them v keenly Jono.

would have preferred 19c tyres max, but thats just the typical 90s Blairite style for you.