dawes tourer

i don’t like to encourage anyone’s beardo fantasies, but this is a pretty good deal:

Bicycle Victoria Forums • View topic - FS :: 1996 Dawes Super Galaxy Plus touring bike $750

Search function?


hey, i had a cursory look down the ebay page…

Great buy but the seller could make it simple by noting the size (seat and top) rather than link to some scribbled on, vague spec sheet.

It’s BV forums spirito…

Not sure what means (honestly).

That’s expecting way too much from those guys.

Ok I get it. It’s not the end of the world … appraise the bike not the seller, my equanimous new year resoluted self tells me.

And she’s sold - and I think I did mention the size Spirito and the spec sheet has quite detailed measurements on there too.

Bike is bound for Alaska, which is cool.